Fun and Free Family Summer Activities

Fun and Free Family Summer Activities

Summer is here and a lot of parents, especially those with young kids, are now looking for ways to keep the young ones busy during the long break. But summer camps and out-of-town trips can be really costly and makes you want to just forgo any summer activity. That’s why I have rounded up these free and fun summer activities for the whole family, so you can enjoy the summer without spending too much (or spending any at all). Gather up the whole gang and plan your summer with these fun and inexpensive family summer activities.

Fun and Free Family Summer Activities


Teach your kids how to ride a bicycle. Nowadays, kids are always glued to their tablets or phones. Now is a good time to stash those electronic devices away and introduce them to outdoor activities like riding a bike (and bike safety, of course). And once they get the hang of it, why not try nearby bike trails?

Take walks around your neighborhood. On school and work days, we are always rushing to get to where we are going that we don’t get to appreciate our surroundings. This is a great way to reacquaint ourselves with our neighborhood, to check out that newly opened restaurant or thrift store, discover a shortcut to the bus stop, or meet new neighbors.

Have picnic at the park. Pack a picnic basket and spend the afternoon at the park. It doesn’t have to be complicated — sandwiches and chips, fruits and juices, or even leftover from last night would still be good. Parks are also perfect for playing Frisbee, kicking a ball or flying a kite with the kids.

Build a fort or a castle. Check your local supermarkets if they can sell or give you their empty boxes (make sure it was used for food items and not detergents, chemicals, etc.). Follow an online tutorial on how to build a fort made out of cardboard boxes. Then get ready for an awesome pretend playtime with the kids!

Go camping. You need not go farther than your backyard to do this. There’s no travel time and it’s less hassle, not to mention free. Grab some blankets and watch the stars. Start a fire and grill hot dogs or make S’mores. Tell stories or sing songs. The possibilities are endless.


Teach them how to cook or bake. Kids like it when you involve them in adult activities. What’s nice about teaching them how to cook is they get excited to eat it, too, afterwards. If you don’t know how, look for simple recipes online and you can both learn and experiment with the recipes together. It’s a great bonding experience.

Help them make and sell lemonades. Older kids can clean up their room, sort unused and unwanted stuff and do a yard sale. It’s never too early to teach children the value of hard work and money.

Other inexpensive family summer activities you can do are going to free zoos and museums, geocaching, or going fishing. And with any activity involving kids, especially outdoor activities, please remember to practice and teach them basic safety.

What other inexpensive family summer activities would you recommend? Let us know through email or in the Comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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