These Six Tips Make Saving Money at the Grocery Store a Cinch

These Six Tips Make Saving Money at the Grocery Store a Cinch

For most of us, grocery expense is something we all would like to, but can’t, do without. Even if you’re grocery shopping for a small family, it can eat up a fairly large portion of your monthly income. But we all need to eat and cooking at home is still cheaper than eating out. So, how do you save money when grocery shopping? Here are six easy ways:

These Six Tips Make Saving Money at the Grocery Store a Cinch

Eat before you head out.
Everything looks tempting when you’re hungry and you tend to pick up items you don’t really need, like junk food (which is also unhealthy).

Be cautious of store promotions.
Is the 6-for-1 deal really cheaper than buying the item individually? I always check and compare first the promo’s unit price with the unit price of the single item to know if I’m really saving money. The shelf tag should show both the total price and the unit price.

For example, a 6-pack of 4 oz. bath soap is $6 per pack while individually, it is only $0.85. If I buy 6 individual pieces, I only pay $5.10. That’s almost a dollar saved!

As much as possible, do not buy pre-packed foods.
Deboned chicken is more expensive than whole chicken. Pre-packed pineapple that is already peeled and sliced is more expensive than one that is not. Extra service also means extra cost and grocery stores love to exploit that. A lot of people buy pre-packed items due to lack of know-how. Fortunately, there are now a lot of online tutorials for this stuff. So, find some free time and research. It will only take you a few minutes PLUS you’ll learn a new skill!


Substitute your proteins.eggs
A large chicken egg contains about 6 grams of protein and depending on how much you weigh, that already gives you approximately 11% recommended daily protein intake. It is cheaper and you can cook it in a number of different ways. Beans, nuts and tofu are also inexpensive protein substitutes.

If you’re not a fan of eggs, however, you can also cook a vegetable dish and just use less meat. Extend the dish by including more vegetables then either cutting or shredding the meat into smaller pieces.

Take advantage of sale price and buy in bulk.
Again, you should always check and compare the unit price. But if it is on sale, it is something you use often, and you can afford to buy in bulk, then you should certainly stock up and take advantage of the sale. It will save you multiple trips to the grocery store, too.

Lastly, and probably most noteworthy, always make a list and stick with it.
Be sure to check your pantry first and make a list of what you need. Having a list saves you both time and money. It helps you plan which shelves to hit first rather than wandering the grocery store from aisle to aisle. Hence, you also avoid any impulse buys.

And that’s it. Do you agree with the tips I listed above? What other tips would you recommend?


  1. Hahahaa.. I just felt like you were actually advising me one on one on how to cut my expenses.

    Most times I’ll intend to go to the grocery and get a milk or anything else less expensive… But by the time I realized.. I’ve already spent more than $50 lol…

  2. It is like the world knows what I go through. Grocery shopping and the amount I spend is a nightmare. But thank you for sharing these simple tricks to save my hard earned money. Totally loved it.

  3. Really good fundamental tips that we should all live by if we are serious about not spending more than we need to. Sticking to a list in particular is something that many people I know, never do.

  4. Sticking to my list has helped me the most in keeping my grocery bills down for sure! And a few years ago we really cut down on the amount of processed food we buy too.

  5. As someone who used to work as a Front End Manager/Head Cashier at a grocery store before I went away to college I can vouch that people buy so much more when they come into the store hungry. Always eat before you go.

  6. There is nothing worse than going grocery shopping hungry. You always end up overspending or overlooking something on your less. I am all about the whole chicken or chicken thighs. Especially because I can usually find them for $3 at my local supermarket. Can’t beat that.

  7. these are all great tips, I definitely always trip to make a list and stick with it, also meal planning out in general helps too so you don’t get ‘off track’ when shopping! xx Bee

  8. Menu planning helps me tremendously. I also try to avoid going to the store hungry and I’ve also learned to just take my time at the grocery store, which is why I try very hard to just go by myself. With two teenagers plus an 11 year old in the house, I’ve also learned that during the school year, I have buy “school food” and “home food” for the kids and keep them separated. Otherwise they eat me out of house and home in a matter of 4 days and I’m back at the store again! Thanks for sharing your great tips!

  9. I’m guilty of not eating before going to the grocery store which is probably why I end up buying a bunch of junk 😛 Substituting protein is a great way to save money and avoid unnecessary calories, I learned that when I went vegetarian for a few months. Thank you for sharing this!

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