8 Dorm Room Essentials To Keep You Organized

Dorm Room Essentials To Keep You Organized

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I lived in a dorm for all of my college years. I was sharing it with one other girl and our room was bare except for the twin beds, two small desks and built-in closet. There was not much room for any big furniture. We had to rearrange the layout in order to maximize our living space.

That solved only one part of the problem though. The other problem was storage. I don’t know about you, but I cannot get any work done if there is clutter around me. It is just easier for me to focus and study when things are neatly organized. I need everything to have its proper place.

The next few weeks thereafter we were buying storage boxes and containers for our stuff. It would have been nice if I already had all the things I needed when I moved in. Nevertheless, we were able to make our dorm room comfortable, relatively spacious and clutter-free eventually.

So, if you are going away to college soon and are looking for ideas on what to pack, you should definitely check out below the different dorm room essentials I recommend to keep you organized.

By the way, checklists are really, really helpful when packing for college. If you don’t have one yet, this one I found from Dorm Smart is good. It lists dorm room essentials for cooking, cleaning, electronics, and a lot more. (I’m not affiliated with them. Their checklist is the most complete that I found online, so I thought I’d share it with you.)

Oh, and just a tip, talk with your roommate first before you buy any appliance. Find out which items the two of you would be sharing (microwave, coffee maker, toaster, etc.), so you don’t end up with two of everything and overcrowd your room.

Also, don’t feel that you have to pack your entire house. Personally, I like being prepared, but you can always buy what you don’t have once you are there. I would also suggest that you have a separate set of stuff for your dorm room like bedding, pillows, etc., so you don’t have to lug those every time you go home for school breaks.

Lastly, college is a great experience, so work hard, learn, but also make sure to enjoy your time there. Best of luck!

1. Underbed Storage

2. Hamper

3. Shoe Storage

4. Academic Planner

5. Closet Organizer

6. Desk Organizer

7. Jewelry/Catch-All Tray

8. Shower Caddy


  1. Reading this brings back a lot of college and dorm memories. For me, the most useful stuff in your list is the shower caddy! Necessary to keep all the toiletries you need. Great tips! I will send this to my niece who is in her freshman year!

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