Sweater Styles You’ll Definitely Love This Fall

Sweater Styles You'll Definitely Love This Fall


Put your hands up if you are ready for sweater weather! Although the first day of fall officially starts on September 22, the temperatures are now starting to dip. And with fall comes pumpkin everything, apple picking, mulled wine, and of course cozy sweaters. While you may think of sweaters as boring or frumpy, something you just put on to keep you warm, these sweater styles are guaranteed to change your mind. Be sure to let me know your favorites in the comment section below.
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Let’s start with classic styles. V-neck, crew neck or turtleneck sweaters – these styles may be simple, but they never go out of fashion. Choose rich fall colors like deep brown or navy or even jewel tones to add a pop of color to your outfit.

If you want something more glamorous, metallic or shimmery sweaters are a good choice. Just pair with your favorite jeans and you have an outfit that easily takes you from day to night!

Ruffles and Bows
Ruffles and bows make any outfit pretty, don’t you think? Try this sweater style for a cute, feminine look.

Lace-up tops and tops with tie sleeves are in right now. So, if you want to jazz up your fall outfit and try something trendy, these two sweater styles will be easy to pull off.


  1. I love that purple sweater in the top row and the one just below it on the end. Both of those are super cute. Actually, I like all of these but those are my favorites. 🙂

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