Ways You Can Wear White After Labor Day

Ways You Can Wear White After Labor Day

Don’t wear white after Labor Day. I have heard this numerous times. If you live in the US, you have probably heard it, too. I do not follow this fashion rule, however. Personally, I think it’s idiosyncratic. Most fashion rules usually are. I say wear white after Labor Day all you want. In fact, why not do it the Coco Chanel way and wear white throughout the year?

Oh, before anything else, can I just say that I can’t believe how time just whizzed by this summer? I mean how is it already September? I know it’s not officially fall yet, but today is Labor Day and it is the last holiday of summer. Soon kids will be heading back to school (if they haven’t already) and adults back to their work routine. No more picnics in the park, beach getaways or lazy days by the pool. Say goodbye to Summer Fridays, too. Sigh. Some good things never last (cue Barbara Streisand). But I digress.

So, here are three outfit ideas to show how you can wear white after Labor Day and beyond. Yes, even in the fall and winter.

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Ways You Can Wear White After Labor Day

Blouse // White Wide Leg Pants // Trench Coat // Peep Toe Heels


Ways You Can Wear White After Labor Day

White Dress // Drape Cardigan // Knee-High Boots


Ways You Can Wear White After Labor DayDolman Sweater // White Jeans // Ankle Boots

Lastly, if you’re curious as to how the no white after Labor Day rule started, I did some search and came up with this article from Time. Happy Labor Day!


  1. I love the outfit with the cardigan and the boots! Where we live I always think of the no white after labor day “rule” as being about snow. We were never allowed to wear white winter coats because of all the snow we get!

  2. No wearing white after Labor Day is another fashion “rule” that needs to be binned!!! I would be lost without my white basics in my wardrobe, no matter the time of year!

  3. I’ve never really understood why not to wear white. I guess it’s also part of living in the South all my life, it’s so much cooler to wear the lighter colors because even right now it’s still in the 90s outside.

  4. I keep hearing about this Labour Day and I don’t even know what it is! I live in the UK and as far as I know, we don’t have that day here. Anyway, I did some Googling and I still am not sure why people say you can’t wear white after Labour Day. Does “after Labour Day” mean the day after, or… ever?!

    Anyway, I love wearing white and pastel colours so it wouldn’t stop me!

  5. Great ideas, but I can never wear white, no matter what. Somehow I manage to dirty it. I could be sat in a corner all day not doing anything and then there will be a random stain somewhere. I love white though, and I do own white haha

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